Guillaume Baudart

Research Scientist, IBM Research

guillaume [dot] baudart [at]

I am a Research Scientist at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in the AI Programming Models team. My research focuses on reactive programming languages and their applications. I am currently working on probabilistic programming, Web APIs, and semi-automatic machine learning.

I received my PhD from École normale supérieure (ENS) in Paris under the supervision of Marc Pouzet and Timothy Bourke, working on reactive languages for embedded systems. My dissertation A synchronous approach to quasi-periodic systems was awarded the 2017 ACM SIGBED Paul Caspi Memorial Dissertation Award.


Organizer IBM PL Day 2019 (co-chair), DEBS 2019 industry (chair), IBM PL Day 2018 (co-chair)
PC Member CC 2021, FDL 2020, EMSOFT 2020, LCTES 2020, DEBS 2020 industry, REBELS 2019, EMSOFT 2019, DEBS 2018, DLS 2017
Reviewer ACM TCAD 2020, ACM TECS 2020, EMSOFT 2016, EMSOFT 2015, DAC 2015, JFLA 2015, JFLA 2014


ProbZelus Compiler and runtime for a synchronous probabilistic language (OCaml/Zelus)
Lale A library for semi-automated data science (Python)
DPPL Compiler from Stan++ to Pyro (Python)
YAPS Transpiler from python syntax to Stan (Python)
WCS-OCaml OCaml SDK for Watson Assistant (OCaml)
CloudLens Interpreter for a reactive language for analysing cloud logs (Java/Javascript)
ZSy Compiler and runtime for a synchronous language with timers (OCaml/Zelus)
ReactiveAsco ReactiveML sequencer for Antescofo (OCaml/ReactiveML)